Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wishing You Peace

This seems nice, right? "Wishing you peace," that is. Wrong. It was written to me awhile ago by, hmm, by... let's just say by an ex-"friend." While it may have cleared her conscience and now she can pat herself on the back and smugly think to herself: I am such a good person and I have such good looking friends (barf by the way), it's complete and utter bogus. When you sign off with "wishing you peace" the assumption is that I am not at peace and you are sooooo ungodly at peace that you can look down your peaceful nose at all of us poor un-peaced people. Gag me. Ending with a closing such as that is at best condescending and certainly not at all contrite.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why Do We Count In Weeks?

Numbers, counting, Math just aren't my thing. So to count Nate's age in weeks is odd for me. He will be 21 weeks this Friday, I think... . He was born November, 20, 2015, so on April 20, 2016, he will be approximately five months, right? Ugh. Mom fail, I suppose. I tried to do the pictures with the month stickers but forgot to do it one month and then another passed and so I wrote the labels off as unoriginal and just took pictures. Regardless, my little NaterTot is here, alive, and thriving, and I am doing a damn good job despite any counting issues. Currently, he is making gargling noises on the monitor with both hands in his mouth while he should be napping. I suppose a walk in Wash Park will come earlier than expected today. Coming!